“To reach a port we must set sail:
Sail, not tie at anchor. Sail, not drift.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

A Breathwork and Sailing Retreat around the Island of Mallorca

This transformative men’s sailing experience will bring you closer to
what truly matters to you.

This is for you, if you...

The multiple expectations for what it means to be a man can sometimes leave us feeling lost and confused about how a man should show up in life. Let us tell you: You are not alone struggling with this. We know that from personal experience. We also know how valuable it is to consciously contemplate upon our values, belief systems and our insecurities to then compassionately work upon them.

We invite you to reflect upon and discuss how you perceive yourself as a man: in your responsibilities, your relationships, your leadership and other areas or topics of life that matter to you. We want to celebrate what’s light and bright and acknowledge and accept what might be dark and heavy. Shedding light and working with those parts can be an essential way to renew and to bring our best version to shine.

Tools of transformation will be daily movement & breathwork sessions embedded in the process and power of a group.

We will have daily group coaching sessions and individual sessions optionally. In the group, we will gather every second evening to come together in a circle to learn and grow collectively.

During the six days on board, we will check-in with ourselves to reveal deep-rooted beliefs and to transform those not serving you any longer. We will move our bodies to reconnect to physical sensations and feelings. We will share and exchange to understand that we are all connected.

We’ll jointly create a safe environment in this group of men. Meeting in authenticity, honesty and full integrity opens up a space beyond comparison, competition and judgment. It opens up a space for mutual understanding, respect and support; for meeting yourself in the other and being a mirror for others in turn.

You are welcome to come as you are and to bring whatever you carry with(in) you!

Sailing & Ocean

A sailboat is a space where life is lived and shared in the confined area of the cabin as well as the great open expanses of the deck, where the sea fades into the sky far out on the horizon. 

A sailboat represents freedom, companionship, peace, and beauty. Being on the ocean is enjoyment, challenge, and journey to new locations. It allows for deep connection with nature - sun, water, wind, and weather. Sailing is meditation. Harness the power of the ocean!

Men´s Work

“The bigger, the better.” - “Don’t be a pussy.” - “Real men don’t cry.” What do these sentences tell us about societal expectations towards what it means to be a man?

Seeking self-validation and a sense of identity through outward orientation, grandiosity and hierarchization has been the way that we were raised. It does not seem to hold firm though.

What does it mean for you to be a Man? Time to find out!


„How you breathe is how you live!”

When used intentionally, our breath can become a powerful tool of psychological, physical and spiritual transformation.

During our retreat, you will learn different breathing techniques that you can use on a daily basis – some for nervous system and stress management, some to energize and detoxify the body. Main practice will be Healing Breathwork to open the doors to the unconscious.


A process of directional questions that help you to uncover the answers that reside already within you.

On a daily basis, I will guide you through coaching exercises in a group setting. To deepen the personal process, I also offer 1-1 sessions in the afternoons (optionally, included in the price).

Your day on board!

07:30 amStart your day right
08:00 amBody & Mind
11:00 amTime to nourish your body
AfternoonIntegration & Leisure Time
07:00 pm
08:30 pmRoundup the day

Your lead crew!



Your retreat coordinator and skipper
I’m Josef, a passionate sailor and committed to personal growth. After 16 years in strategy and management consulting in the financial service industry I walked away from my career to start new and follow my soul’s purpose. My mission is to create safe spaces at sea for retreats and trainings, to give everyone the opportunity to experience the transformative power of the sea. I am looking forward to meeting you!


Your facilitator
Shalom! My name is David and I will be honored to guide you through this potentially life-changing experience. I am passionate about creating environments for men to express and experience themselves as freely and genuinely as possible. Breathwork and compassionate presence are my major tools. I believe in the power of honesty, openness and vulnerability to cultivate a more healthy and more wholly living experience. I look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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Dates and logistics for 2023 to be announced!

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Breathe & Sail Men’s Retreat

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