“The greatest quest is the search for one’s true self”

The Quest Retreat

Exploring New Horizons -

Welcome to the journey you will not return from as the same person who departed

We stand at a threshold of an old system collapsing and simultaneously birthing a new way of being. The many crises we face as a collective also show up in us individually and we are challenged to find ways to courageously dive into the unknown. Those who hear the call are asked to blaze a trail, and brave the temptations of comfort and safety to head for new shores, becoming an inspiration for others by the life they are living.

What are the mental and emotional maps that help us navigate this unknown territory? What are the embodied and spiritual tools that help us set our compass and guide us through the uncertainty? Where is our personal North Star – what greater purpose is longing to be born through us? And who are the allies that hear the call and journey with us?

This is for you, if you...

Thank you for hearing the call.

We don’t find the answers to these questions in a small office cubicle, trapped in the 9-5 of every day or the comfort of our homes. We truly need to quest – to leave the safety of home (societal norms and expectations) behind and go out into the world in order to find our true north.

We need to build our resources, practice our skills and connect with the world around us in new ways that allows us to not only sustain but to reinvent and to regenerate a life that is based on more than just safety and comfort and feeding a dying system – we must learn how to truly live, what is truly of value to us and who we ultimately want to be in a world of new possibilities.

The journey of purpose and fulfillment leads us away from the dogma and superficial fulfillment taught to us by authorities of our society. We must truly come to our senses and discover for ourselves what makes us come alive! And in that journey we discover how much we actually have to give to create this future and become a compelling embodied example of a vision worth striving for. 

Meet your facilitators

After successful entrepreneurial careers, both left their secure home, career and life in Berlin, Germany two years ago to follow the call of adventure, dive into the mystery and move to Costa Rica with no plan, no safety net, and no regrets…

Brina Stone

Brina Stone

Brina enjoyed a long and successful career in theater as an actress, director and producer, and founded Theater im Delphi in Berlin.

She brought an abandoned building to life as a multi-genre, multi million euro project. It is now a state funded institution which serves hundreds of thousands of artists and visitors per year.

Some years ago a serious injury became her initiation into a new life, a path of shamanism, diverse healing modalities, and sacred sexuality. She now works as a spiritual and life coach, gives personal sessions for healing and transformation, holds workshops and retreats and yes, still as an artist of ritual and performance.

She listens, feels, and creates. She is grateful, inspired and passionate. And on her best day, she is nothing, the hollow bone to allow the greater work to come through.
Jonathan Klodt

Jonathan Klodt

Jonathan has been building bridges between the business world and alternative ways of living all his professional life.

He’s a workshop facilitator, community builder, leadership coach and organizational developer. As an entrepreneur he co-founded several award winning companies. As a cultural pioneer he lived in several intentional communities and ecovillages and organized transformative gatherings and festivals all around the world.

His connecting element in these diverse environments has always been the inner aspect of development. Linking personal and cultural expansion with our love for a more beautiful world is essential to him and his main focus of work.

Jonathan is an advocate for honesty and vulnerability to encourage human connections beyond masks. He is inspired to guide others to a life of freedom, aliveness and the unique expression of their gifts.

A sample day on board!


What to expect!

Creating a life off the beaten path is not easy and certainly not for everyone – and yet if you hear the call you know that your time has come. Tolerating the old normal is a luxury your soul won’t accept anymore. Therefore community is essential – to have a group of allies that remind, celebrate and support you for your unique way of being different. 

This retreat is an initiation into living a life of adventure, responsibility and aliveness. For those who don’t fit into the old paradigm of hustle and bustle (and maybe never have) this is an invitation to mark a turning point and to commit to living a life that is in alignment with their deeper calling and truth.

We gather the insights, build the practices, cultivate the connections and create a plan to shift your life towards meaning and balance. What would be possible if you gave yourself permission to be fully authentically you? How would you live your life if you knew that you deserve to embody your dreams – and that by doing so you bring a unique gift to the world? 

Welcome on board! The destination is you! 

Do you hear the call?

Take the dive and book now!

La Paz, Mexico

21.01.2023 – 27.01.2023

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Exploring New Horizons

The Quest Retreat
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What´s included

What´s not included

SEAvolutionary Yachts and Crews

SEAvolutionary procures yachts from verified yacht charter companies.

We will always try our best to ensure high quality, comfortable 5 cabin yachts with great equipment and newer years of production. 

All the yachts are maintained to a high standard and contain the equipment necessary to meet best local industry standards.

The living spaces are deluxe and soothing, perfect for an exceptional getaway. Every yacht has a contemporary and sophisticated interior that features clean lines and spacious open layout and offers a harmonious design for easy handling and enjoying life on board.

Sharing a yacht with like-minded strangers, adapting the typical everyday lifestyle to limited conditions in an unknown environment is an adventure of a lifetime. 

Accommodation is usually in double sized bed cabins on a sharing basis. Single cabin options may be available depending on the boat. Swaying at anchor, you will be gently rocked to sleep.

To make sure you will have a great experience on board, we do our best to organize the group, accommodation and catering according to your needs and wishes. Spending a week’s time on the ocean in such a special group setting is best suited to make memories and friends for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This training is definitely suitable for everyone. 

However, we suggest you come with an open mind and open heart to explore new perspectives on your life and career. 

You might feel unfamiliar with the practices and tools we apply during the training and we want you to know that this is absolutely fine. It will be you to decide what insights, tools and practices you want to implement in your daily life and which you do not want to carry on. 

This is an unobligational offering to learn new tools to cope with situations in your life and to experience new perspectives on how to view things. We are not teaching a doctrine we expect you to follow in order to succeed. 

While it might appear expensive compared to pure sailing trips, you should not forget, this is not a sailing holiday or crewed charter. This is a high-intensity transformational experience. We allow a maximum of six participants only to make this a very intimate setting with the lead crew and to maximize the effect for each participant. 

Everything is taken care of. You will enjoy the comfort of a modern sailboat of 50+ft, which will be our floating retreat center. We will cater you with healthy organic food from local produce.  

If you are looking for a nice week of sailing only, we suggest you look elsewhere. There a many many good and trustworthy providers out there for beautiful crewed charters. If you want to know where to turn for this, just ask and we will let you know – seriously and without any bad feelings.

Sure! With us, you’ll never alone! Before you go, we are here to guide you and get you prepared as much as possible for this retreat experience.

We’ll pair you up with a roommate, who will most likely end up being a lifelong friend. You may come alone, but you’ll end up leaving with a community of like-minded people who will forever be connected through this experience.

You might or you might not get seasick. However, at SEAvolutionary we choose sailing areas which are very suitable for beginners. 

Crew-welfare has a high priority for SEAvolutionary and we will do our best, to make you feel well taken care of aboard. 

As the primary goal of the retreat is the transformational training, we will keep the sailing activities to a level, that supports the training. We are not aiming for over-ambitious sailing here and we will do our best to avoid any conditions that make you uncomfortable.  We are not pushing it, but will make this sailing experience a relaxing time for beginners and regular sailors alike. 

If, in the very worst case, you definitely want to leave, we will arrange a drop-off point for you.

No. This is not a sailing holiday. This is an intensive transformational training journey.

Although we provide daily healthy meals and accommodation on a comfortable sailing boat, this is not a package holiday. This is a high intensity transformational training and the sailing boat is our retreat center, adventure platform, and place to unwind and relax.

However, the training does include daily sailing of course. And that is for a reason. We believe in the transformational power of the ocean. Being out there, surrounded by nothing but water, being in touch with nature, all this changes how we perceive our environment and how we perceive ourselves. Just ask any sailor out there!

We use the time sailing to integrate the experience and to get you out of your familiar environment.

You will have time to relax,  contemplate, and enjoy the beauty of the coastline. We will anchor in beautiful bays and you will be able to dip into the clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. 

We will provide you with a list of recommended things to bring for the training. Don’t worry, you will not have to shop all new stuff for this!  

We will have daily shore access and parts of the training will also be conducted ashore.

We will anchor in a nice bay every night and will have the chance to go ashore for training sessions in the morning and the afternoon/ evening.

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