Being on the ocean is my meditation.

About me

Meet the founder

I’m Josef, a passionate sailor and committed to personal growth.

After 16 years in strategy and management consulting in the financial service industry I walked away from my career to start new and follow my soul’s purpose.

My mission is to create safe spaces at sea for retreats and trainings, to give everyone the opportunity to experience the transformational power of the sea. I cooperate with inspiring facilitators to deliver an environment for intensive work in small groups of six to eight people.

This is why I founded SEAvolutionary. I am bringing evolutionary events to the sea.

“On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.”


About the location

Retreat on a sailboat

A boat is the perfect setting to go on an inner journey of self-reflection that will help you embrace the present and understand your current moment in life. My promise is you’ll leave feeling strong, inspired and with a renewed passion for life.

The sailboat will be your space to retreat, our excursion vessel, and adventure platform. The boat will also be your home, where you will enjoy healthy organic, soul nourishing food and where you will be spending your time with a small, intimate group of like-minded people.

The connection with nature through sailing, living in touch with the ocean and daily practices will energize you, relax you and help you reconnect with yourself and broaden your horizon.

Everyday we will be sailing from spot to spot and you will get the chance to learn about sailing and take time for yourself to relax on the deck, to integrate the transformational experience while watching the ocean. You will also have time to rewind and bath in clear waters and remote places.

Accommodation is usually in double sized bed cabins on a sharing basis. Single cabin options may be available depending on the boat. Swaying at anchor, you will be gently rocked to sleep.

To make sure you will have a great experience on board, we do our best to organize the group, accommodation and catering according to your needs and wishes. Spending a week’s time on the ocean in such a special group setting is best suited to make memories and friends for life 


Join us for the journey

Set sail on a modern sailboat and gain new perspectives. Explore the sea, hidden coves and calm bays and get in direct physical touch with nature and yourself. Enjoy daily sailing, sleeping in dreamy anchorages and let the boat gently rock you to sleep.

Be guided by an experienced facilitator who leads your transformational journey while being safely skippered by a professional captain. Enjoy delicious fresh and healthy food provided by our local partners or onboard chefs.

Become part of the crew!

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