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Exploring New Horizons - The Quest Retreat

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Our mission

This is SEAvolutionary

My mission is to create safe spaces at sea for retreats and trainings, to give everyone the opportunity to experience the transformational power of the sea. I cooperate with inspiring facilitators to deliver an environment for intensive work in small groups of six to eight people.

This is my heart creation, because I believe in two things:

Firstly, humans strive to continuously expand, learn and develop – only limited by the mind’s desire for comfort.

Secondly, the transformational power of the sea: step out of the comfort zone, gain new perspectives, enjoy unobstructed views and connect with ourselves, our environment and get out of your head.

Let’s harness the transformational power of the ocean together.

Set sail on a modern sailboat and gain new perspectives. Explore the sea, hidden coves and calm bays and get in direct physical touch with nature and yourself. Enjoy daily sailing, sleeping in dreamy anchorages and let the boat gently rock you to sleep.

Be guided by an experienced facilitator who leads your transformational journey while being safely skippered by a professional captain. Enjoy delicious fresh and healthy food provided by our local partners or onboard chefs.


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Men's Sailing Retreat

Know Your

Coming in summer 2023

Conscious Leadership

Sailing the Winds
of Life

Mallorca 2023/06/03-06/10

Exploring New Horizons

The Quest Retreat

Mexico 2023/01/21-01/27

Conscious Entrepreneurship

Bringing Your Soul to Your Business

Coming in Summer 2023

My partners for "Exploring New Horizons"

The Quest Retreat with Brina and Jonathan

After successful entrepreneurial careers, both left their secure home, career and life in Berlin, Germany two years ago to follow the call of adventure, dive into the mystery and move to Costa Rica with no plan, no safety net, and no regrets. 

Brina enjoyed a long and successful career in theater as an actress, director and producer, and founded Theater im Delphi in Berlin.  

Jonathan has been building bridges between the business world and alternative ways of living all his professional life. He’s a workshop facilitator, community builder, leadership coach and organizational developer. As an entrepreneur he co-founded several award winning companies. 


My partner for "Sailing the Winds of Life"

Conscious Leadership Training
with Dominik R. Graef

Successful multi-entrepreneur and financially independent millionaire free spirit. Founder of several companies ranging from agriculture, a hotel in Mexico (www.arigalan.com) to e-commerce (dattelbaer.com). Dominik is a successful investor in all kinds of asset classes and has always spotted trends very early on.

This is the first event in which he blends his entrepreneurial experience, his comprehensive training background, life experience and inner growth and discovery into one training. It is your chance to tap into his seemingly infinite source of energy, wisdom and knowledge and experience it in a very intimate setting for six days!

My partner for "Know your compass"

Breathwork & Sailing
with David Philipp

Sailing is a great metaphor for life: if you want to reach a certain destination, you need – of course – to know your destination, and you also need to define your current position.

Our retreat is tailored for you to serve exactly this purpose – an in-depth check-in of what is and what shall be and a (re)adjustment to your inner compass.

Join us on board, set sails bravely and redefine the course of your life!

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